How to Decorate Your Home with Photos

Photos of almost any kind is one fancy thing to adorn every home’s wall. It will not only play with your visual, but will also tickle your interest. So, how can you make a fascinating wall decoration made of photos?

  • Select your theme. At this point, you have to make up your mind on what do you want to portray on your walls. Do you like images of your family, nature, arts, or sports?
  • The wall paint is one important component in enhancing the appeal of your photos. Make sure that the wall color is not the same with your images. For instance, black and white photos will suit any colorful wall.
  • If you plan to hang a lot of photos, consider a distance of 3 inches from each other.

Wall decoration with photos is an artistic way of giving spice to a dull wall. So, play up with your imagination and adorn your wall.

Top Things to Consider Before You DIY Condo Interior Design

Condominium is popularly known as “condo”. It is a form of accommodation that settles in a building complex. Similar to a typical home, it offers the same amenities. If you have a unit, you might consider giving the interior backdrop some fun and excitement. Before that, here are some considerations when you DIY condo interior design.

  • Theme. You should determine the mood that you want to portray in your condo.
  • Functionality. You should make sure that what you stuff in your condo is functional.
  • Space. Condominiums often have limited space for you to place a lot of furniture or decorations. It is then of importance to maximize space.

Nothing beats a place infused with the essence of “home”. Therefore, carefully craft the plan before you put it into motion.

Guidelines in Designing Your Own Kitchen

You might be thinking that you need to improve the aesthetics of your kitchen. At this point, the design does not necessarily means that it has to come from the brilliant mind of an expert. If you have wonderful kitchen interior design in your mind, then be proud to lay it out.

Just when you already have the picture in mind, think if your design meets these criteria:

  • Maximized kitchen space.
  • The distance between the primary cooking surface, refrigerator and sink is not more than 26 feet.
  • Quality and durable materials for kitchen surfaces.
  • Appropriate lighting.
  • The project is within the budget.

Overall, your kitchen interior design should be generous enough to cater both appeal and functionality. Therefore, bear these guidelines in mind.

Interior Decorating Ideas for DIY

Creating a livable home entails vivid imagination and practice. Home interior designers have these attributes, but hiring them will definitely cost you a lot. Why not try to incorporate these interior decorating ideas and make them your very own?

  • Use ornamental plants
  • Embellish with DIY home decors
  • Windows with cushioned seats
  • Free-flowing kitchen and living room
  • Mix design styles using humble and luxurious materials
  • Hang artworks
  • Lay out floor coverings
  • Window treatment using curtains

Without a doubt, home improvement is just within any homeowner’s reach. Just use your imagination and see where it will take your home.

Interior Design Trends to Look Out for in 2014

People who are constantly on the lookout for home fashion and interior design want to be the first to know the latest trends for the New Year. For many homeowners, the best way to kick off the New Year is to get a new and exciting look or update their homes completely. So before jumping into any trend, you might want to check out the latest trends for 2014.

A Surge of Colors

One of the trends expected to boom this year is the surge of rich, saturated colors. Expect navy and plum! Many interior designers consider navy to be the newest neutrals that blends well with other styles and hues. If you are hesitant about putting such dark colors on your walls, you can simply follow the trend by adding a sofa in rich plum or nave color. Then accent your room based on this focal furniture piece.

Unique Backsplashes

Bright tiles and painted walls behind your kitchen counters have become too common so for this year, you can expect some unique changes to happen. More designers are choosing metal backsplashes for a unique modern look. Everything from stainless steel or aluminum, glass and stone slabs can be considered for a clean, durable and stylish wall covering around your food preparation areas.

Fiber Wall Decors

Interior designers who religiously follow trends claim that 2014 is a good year to add texture to walls using fiber-art and Macrame wall hangings. Some industry considers these decors to be sculptures for walls, replacing wallpaper or art work pieces that some cannot really afford. Some think of this as a throwback to the 70’s, but designers sees this as fresh and new trend in interior home décor. Other patterns that you can consider for you wall are the Venetian marbled-paper prints which are usually found on the papers of old books. This wonderful pattern lends a distinct vintage feel.

Sheer Windows

People today want brighter and lighter rooms so heavy drapes maybe out of trend for this year. You can expect new designs in sheer window treatment made with linen or wool materials as opposed to the old polyester sheer versions. Sheer wool made with voile material is will look wonderfully divine when paired with those inverted box pleats.

Modern Bathrooms

When it comes to bathroom decors, you can expect two trends to rise in 2014. Many people now prefer larger, curb-less showers for a delightful bathing experience. This year, many will eliminate bath tubs for a wider bathroom space fixed with multi-speed jets and removable handheld showers. For those who want to keep their bathtubs may use the growing popular free standing tubs for they take up less space and gives a nicer look to any bathroom.

These trends are expected to grow really popular throughout the year so anybody considering remodeling and redecorating jobs for their home may check out these options. Keep up with these current trends for you to create that unique modern look in your home interior decorating project.

Difference between Interior Designer and Interior Decorator

The terms “interior designer” and “interior decorator” are oftentimes used interchangeably. There is actually a clear line between these two. While both create beautiful rooms, the interior designer usually has more expertise and a wider range of knowledge.

Interior Designer

A person who has been trained to create beautiful spaces, asses the use, function and safety of interior spaces; develop designs and prepare drawings using extensive and specialized knowledge of design, materials,  equipment, furniture, fixtures and construction; hire and supervise a variety of subcontractors.

Interior Decorator

A person who has an interest in decorating, sometimes they are trained, sometimes they’re not.

Determining your needs is the  key to finding right designer/decorator for you. Depending on the size of the project, this person could be in your life – and your home – for a long period of time. The best experience will occur where there is a mutual trust, appreciation  of one another and clear, direct communication.

The Pros and Cons of Granite Kitchen Tops

 photo granite-kitchen-tops.jpg

Whether you are up to kitchen remodeling or building, giving it a modest look comes in the priority list. Since you want something that will give your kitchen a touch of elegance and quality, granite kitchen tops can be considered. Before that, know first the pros and cons of this kitchen masterpiece.

Kitchen tops made from granite come in almost 3000 colors and are durable. These also have high value and are almost maintenance-free. The drawback in these kitchen tops are its high cost and some may absorb stains which are difficult to remove.

Granite kitchen tops both offer the edge and some flaws. Therefore, every aspect has to be inspected to fully come up a modest kitchen you have been dreaming of.

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Accentuate Home Features with Vinyl Wall Stickers

 photo home-decor-vinyl-stickers.jpg

If you are looking for a comfortable and a cozy place to relax, then find it no other than your home. By just making your place well-decorated and imbued with good ambiance, then it can be the best place you would want it to be.

Furniture is not the only items that you can use to adorn your home. As a matter of fact, the modern decorative vinyl wall stickers can adjunct to your decorative efforts. Designs range from natural ideas to more fun stickers such as cars and fun animation.

To sum it up, there is a variety of wall stickers that would suit to your preference. Just pick up your choice and decorate your well-loved abode.

Kitchen and Living Room Design Ideas

As you do your cooking chores, you cannot see all the time what your kiddos are up to in the living room. If you want to keep an eye on them while preparing tasty dishes, an open-concept of kitchen and living room will allow you to accomplish tasks simultaneously.

Here are some kitchen and living room design ideas that are not only stylish but also functional. Just bear in mind to maintain the concept’s cohesiveness.

  • Bar section between living room and kitchen.
  • Make the kitchen small and save space for the dining area and a small counter.
  • Anchor the kitchen and dining room to the living room with a fireplace.

Conceptualizing your very own kitchen and living room is indeed a demanding task. However, the style and functionality it offers are definitely worth it.

Paintings of Fernando Amorsolo

Fernando Amorsolo is one of the most renowned artists in Philippine history. As a matter of fact, paintings of Fernando Amorsolo portray the Filipino souls, customs, occupations, landscape, and even Fiestas. Among his works include are:

  • Burning of the Idol
  • The First Mass in the Philippines
  • Afternoon Meal of the Workers
  • Fruit Gatherer
  • My Wife, Salud
  • The Conversion of the Filipinos
  • Dalagang Bukid
  • Sikatuna
  • Early Filipino State Wedding
  • El Ciego

The works of Amorsolo is not all about merely sketching and painting. There are messages and meanings behind every masterpiece.